About Us

In June 2017, Tivity Health convened more than 80 stakeholders for the inaugural Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging, in collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, Health eVillages, and the Jefferson College of Population Health. The Summit became the launching pad for a national movement dedicated to transforming rural aging in the United States, reflected by the diversity of stakeholders at the table, including academia, business, government, non-profit, community organizations, and healthcare. Since this inaugural Connectivity Summit, stakeholders continue to join our collaborative movement focused on identifying and prioritizing ways to catalyze change in the growing rural aging population in America.

One of the gaps identified at the 2017 Summit was the need for an online “HUB” to promote greater sharing of ideas, information, pilot programs and other ongoing efforts that could be shared with a broader public audience. This portal now exists as an educational platform meant to facilitate inter-organizational communication, encourage partnerships, and disseminate best practices on rural aging issues.

We hope this HUB will inspire collaboration among both the public and private sectors throughout the United States, and will continue to advance our conversation on the challenges and opportunities around the fast-growing community of aging adults in rural America.